Monday, February 7, 2011

Going Digital

So last week, we were introduced to the program TV Paint. We did a bird's flightcycle and a couple of walkcycles, on realistic and by the book and one more cartoony. Here's the cartoony one, which I liked the best.

Jonas bm

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Animation in the New Year

Last week we had the first proper animation assignments of the year. Two fairly quick ones and a three-day test.

First, a tired headturn. Could also have chosen angry and shy, but that Monday morning 'tired' was the obvious choice.

Next, an assignment we only had the day to complete - no after school work. This was fun. Hope you'll notice I gave the character some attitude.

Then the test. Three days to get Danny to jump over a manhole.

Jonas bm

Design 2 with Lawrence Marvit

Now in this course we had to make up for lost time from 'Design 1', so it was a busy week. Here are two of the week's assignments.

The themes were 'giant monster attacks ancient Greece' and 'space pirate fight'. Great fun.

Jonas bm