Sunday, April 3, 2011

You See? - Dialogue

We had two weeks for this assigment, and we were encouraged to take it easy, relax and have fun with it. We had the choice between four sound bytes, and I chose one lifted from 'Plan 9 from Outer Space', which I have sadly yet to see.

I really enjoyed the two weeks. The teacher was great (Mike Polvani) - the stories he could tell :D

Jonas bm

Character Design

A while ago we had two weeks of character design, which was really cool and fun. We started out with a warmup exercise, designing two characters foir an imagined ad campaign involving lightbulbs.

Then we got to work on a character design for a project we're doing with the CG class. The project is spread out over the year. We'll get to animating in a month or so.

Jonas bm

Birds Flying, Cows Invading

Somehow I keep forgetting to update this blog. These assignments are from some weeks ago. A short introduction to After Effects and Photoshop. A fun, challenging week.

First up, draw and color a superhero in Photoshop. I thought up my own hero, so there :D

Next putting a bird from a previous course into a world.

And lastly, the most fun assignment, I reckon, simply entitled: 'Close Encounter'. More of an enCOWnter, heh heh - you'll get it in a minute :D

And that was that week.

Jonas bm